There are Options to Help You Through Endometriosis Treatment Singapore

When it comes to common issues for women during their childbearing years, you may be surprised to learn that endometriosis is at the top of the list. It can cause severe menstrual cramping, heavy bleeding, and very severe pain from cramps, intercourse, and in some cases, even urinating. It can also cause women to lose their ability to have children without help. With all of this negative stuff, it is nice to know that you do have options when it comes to endometriosis treatment Singapore.

How Endometriosis is Diagnosed

Typically, unless a woman is having severe cramps or other issues, endometriosis is not something they know is there. It is usually discovered only after symptoms appear and they visit their gynecologist for an examination. The gynecologist may feel that there is something wrong, but may order a sonogram to determine if the problem is endometriosis or some other issue.

What Does the Diagnosis Mean?

If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis, it may be scary for you to think that you have a disease in your female organs. It is something that you should seek treatment for, because it can worsen if you neglect it. This means you should discover all that you can about endometriosis treatment Singapore.
Those who are not sure what it means, often worry about it and search the web endlessly for answers. The truth is, no one knows what causes it to form, though one theory is that instead of menstruation flowing out the way it should, it may flow backward into the woman’s female organs. When this happens, the womb lining becomes displaced into other areas of the body and causes it to thicken over time. The thickening is then called adenomyosis.

What Are Your Treatment Options?

When first diagnosed, your doctor may give you pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs to help you through the pain. After you talk to a specialist, you may be put on a hormonal regime. Implants and surgeries may also be discussed. Treatment options for you will depend on the severity of your situation, whether you want children, and several other things.
It is important that you understand that there is no perfect solution when it comes to endometriosis treatment Singapore. There is no guarantee that if you have surgery, you will be able to have children without issues. Most often, a woman who wants children will not be given hormones which may cause issues with ovulation, but surgeries are not always able to make it so that you can conceive naturally. In most cases, a woman should be able to carry, but may need a doctor to help her. If you already have children and do not want to add to your family, you have hormonal options and other things that may improve your situation.
In either case, surgery or hormones is not a decision that you should take lightly. The doctor you choose should give you all options available. He can tell you the risks that are associated with it, and what may happen long term.

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