How come the Constitution of the United States is not being used to its fullest potential?


The Constitution was written for a reason, and today we are not using it to its fullest potential. Why aren’t we? The Constitution was written by very smart men and we are not using it like they intended it to be used. If we’re not going to use it like we should, why do we have the Constitution?




How we “should” use it is a matter worth of some debate, don’t you agree?

Do you have an example of its misuse?


Because Politicians such as Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc want to go back and rewrite to serve their own socialist agenda. WAKE UP PEOPLE


What potential do you think is not being used?


There are a large percentage of people (Obama supporters) who believe the Constitution is an obstacle and a “fundamental flaw” in the American system.

So, until you can get everyone to agree it was a good thing in the first place, the rest of the discussion is moot.


I think you need to be more specific. What, specifically, should America do to use the Constitution to “its fullest potential?” Do you have examples where America has not used the Constitution the way it was intended to be used? In what ways do you think the Constitution is meant to be used?


In what way are we not using the Constitution to it’s fullest potential? It is impossible to debate this issue in it’s current form because you provide no examples to support your position one way or the other.

Barry C

Can you be more specific as top your concerns? That is the most general question ever!

BTW, John Reid’s answer below me is false in every sense. I have spent time this past summer and this fall reading John Madison’s first hand notes from the Constitutional Convention in 1787, and none of what he says was ever discussed or at least given serious consideration during the many-months long debates that resulted in the exact Constitution we have today,


Because the mainstream political parties have been hijacked by globalists whose aim is one-world government.

The Constitution has no place in a global government and that is why it is being gradually dismantled.

Global governance is for the benefit of the elite ruling class. The Constitution ensures that common people will have power. If you are one of the global elite, the Constitution is your enemy.

If you want to see a restoration of the Constitution, there is one way to vote tomorrow, and only one way – third party candidates who stand for the Constitution. Chuck Baldwin is the way to go.

End The Fed!!!

It’s because the US Constitution gets in the way of the plans of the Global-Elite as they try to move us towards a “New World Order” (Bush 41′s words). The internationalists, ie David Rockefeller, would like to involve America in a one world government. The Constitution gets in the way of allowing the federal government to entangle us in such alliances that would ensure our involvement in the one world government.

BTW: Ruby hit the nail on the head along with Furious 47….well said.


because you can’t have a NAU and the constitution at the same time.. welcome to the machine..

write in Ron Paul tomorrow

Thomasina Paine

Or even – at all! I sure do miss my 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th amendment rights!

The globalist answers are correct.

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