Would you support an amendment to the constitution that barred lawyers from running for public office?


a lawyer is the last person I would trust, unless I was paying them, and even then I wouldn’t trust them that much.



Legio XVII

Wouldn’t you rather allow the voter to decide if a candidate is trustworthy? I would. And therefore I say no to your proposition.


No, I would not. Lawyers are trained to read the law and those who can read it can write it. You don’t like lawyers. Here’s a cookie.

I don’t trust car mechanics. Or plumbers. Or building contractors. Heck, I’ve had a multitude of professionals attempt to rip me off. I’m really glad there are lawyers out there to deal with these thieves.

Anger & Rage


–Everyone who says no hates America and supports terrorists.


Lol no. They are one of the few people who actually understand law and what would be good for this nation. Not all of them are corrupt. I’d say there are more corrupt politicians than lawyers now.

Chris: Get out of my Wallet

That would make the Democratic party disappear, so yes.


They are the only ones anymore who know how the government works -_-

Jason K


That makes as much sense as passing a Constitutional amendment to prevent a mechanic from working on cars.

Mechanics study machines to work with machines.

Lawyers study law to work with law.

Seriously, have some sense!

Smells like New Screen Names

Name another job where you’d prefer to have someone lacking any sort of knowledge about his job.

Do you ask a mechanic for medical advice?

Lenny The Great And Trivial

No. Why not just go ahead and bar all educated people?

John Taylor

Yes, they pass all these laws so they can litigate on them and make huge amounts of money.


Yes – but we would need the lawyers to work out the details.


No, I’d support an amendment to bar Nazis from running for office.

Of course if that happened, most of the Republican party would be disqualified.


No, but I would support an amendment to the Constitution which instituted terms limits for ALL federally elected politicians.

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